Keep Profits In
and Fraud Out

Do more business knowing you can trust your inbox and protect your organization from fraudulent and phishing emails.

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A comprehensive email solution

You work hard every day to make your business a success. One fraudulent or phishing email shouldn't undo all your hard work. Stop that from happening.


Based on AI, Machine Learning, Proprietary Algorithms


Addresses threat of fraudulent and phishing emails


1-Click O365 installation: Cloud, Hybrid, On-premise


Features constant updates & real-time alerts


Tools for administrators & end-users


Works in conjunction with your current security solutions

Drive business growth

Do business more freely by empowering your employees. Enable your teams to confidently create new partnerships and trust old ones. Enrich your environment with verified contacts, and be able to keep growing without being held back.

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Protect your entire organization

With Retruster, you and all your employees are instantly protected against fraud and phishing emails. Immediately tell if an email is suspicious, and have the confidence to grow your business knowing that you have the best protection in place. Retruster has saved organizations stress, heartache, money, and lawsuits. Isn’t it time you were protected?

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Backed by trusted partners

Retruster’s patented solution harnesses the latest tech to keep you protected, including advanced AI and Machine Learning. Retruster is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, and Microsoft Appsource, and is built around Microsoft standards and best practice. It’s compatible with any other solutions or architecture you may have in place.


Easy to install and use

Retruster cuts through the complexity inherent in email safety by graphically providing users with the most important details pertaining to incoming emails. It provides powerful tools to administrators, including in-depth dashboards and 1-click installation. It’s seamlessly scalable and is perfect for any size organization.


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