Securing the Internet One Email at a Time

What if you could actually open every email without being worried it’s a fake? How about being able to open attachments and click on links, completely trusting the sender and the email’s legitimacy? This reality is not far away, and it’s brought to you by Retruster. Our platform was built with you, your privacy, and your security in mind.

Our Vision

Retruster aims to make email safe again. To take away the fear and trepidation we often felt when receiving an email from an unknown sender, or a message that just seems suspicious. Knowing everything about your emails is now possible – you’re welcome.

How it all Started

Retruster was started after a CFO received an email from his CEO, to transfer a significant amount of money to a new supplier. The email turned out to be fake, and the consequences severe.

That CFO began his mission to put an end to disastrous phishing attacks. He got together with some of the top minds in the industry to start Retruster, and help companies avoid scams.

We believe in a multi-layered approach, and coexist with existing security solutions, adding to your protection.

Finally, we understand that first and foremost you have a business to run. You focus on being awesome, we’ll handle your email.

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