How Retruster Protects Against Fraud, Phishing and Ransomware

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Phishing Emails Are The #1 Threat To Your Business

The dangers of a Phishing email include massive financial losses, Ransomware and Data Breaches. Phishing attacks are increasing dramatically. Don't become a statistic.

  • There is a high chance that your company is going to be targeted in a Phishing attack (IBM)
  • This will cost medium- to large-sized businesses $3.8m on average (IBM)
  • Smaller businesses can expect an average cost of between $50,000 to $1m (TechRepublic)
  • 60% of small businesses close within 6 months of a Phishing attack
  • Insurance does not cover many common phishing scenarios
  • Ransomware attacks can knock out all of your computers, erase all your data
  • Ransom amounts have risen by over 90%
  • Phishing emails are getting more sophisticated, and the dangers are climbing.
  • The probable cost of a phishing attack writes the business case for having a specific anti-phishing solution
  • Putting the correct tools in place now, at a fraction of the cost, is the best defense

How Retruster Protects You Against Phishing, Ransomware & Email Fraud

How Phishing Emails Trick People

Some of the common tricks used to entrap your users and shut down your company

how phishing works

Phishing emails are more sophisticated than ever, and are attacking unprotected companies

Retruster Protects You Against Phishing, Ransomware & Email Fraud

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Prevent Phishing

It's really easy to fake an email. Hackers realize it's the easiest way to trick innocent people into trusting them. Phishing emails cost businesses billions of dollars. Retruster will immediately tell you if an email is genuine, or if it's a phishing email.

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Stop Ransomware

Ransomware attacks can shut down all your computers and erase your data, and they're on the increase. Attacks usually start with a phishing email. If you stop these phishing emails, you've done the hard work when it comes to preventing ransomware attacks on your business. Retruster identifies emails that could be Ransomware attempts.

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Avoid Identity Theft

If a hacker steals your identity - or anyone in your organization - they can wreak havoc. Sending emails as you, sending instructions to banks and clients. Retruster prevents Identity Theft by ensuring the hackers don't get into your system.


Avert A Data Breach

A data breach is catastrophic for businesses. Not only is your reputation ruined, but you face multiple challenges stemming from the breach, along with spiralling costs. Retruster helps prevent Data Breaches by warning you if an email might be attempting to access user details in your company.

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Fend Off Financial Fraud

Fake emails are often used to steal money from businesses, that's almost impossible to recover. Millions have been stolen this way, and any company is a target. Retruster prevents fraudulent email scams and financial threats by identifying the true sender of an email.

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Preclude Legal Action

A phishing attack, data breach or ransomware can mean the threat of legal actions and high legal costs. Retruster prevents this by ensuring you're protected against these scams.


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