Retruster is a purpose-built anti-phishing solution. It’s easily installed as an add-in to Microsoft or Google systems, and can be fully deployed in minutes.

Admin users love the informative, powerful dashboard. End-users feel the power of the platform in being able to check and report suspicious emails themselves. Both love the advanced AI and machine learning that catches phishing and fraudulent emails, keeping the organization protected and demonstrating its incredible value.

It’s the future of email protection, and is the perfect solution to offer to your clients.

Compared to others in the industry:

Retruster Others
1 Effective tool + Educational + Training A filter
2 Purpose-built anti-phishing platform Started as anti-spam tools
3 No change to email flow All emails go through their servers
4 No settings changes required Requires changing email settings
5 No agent support required Requires contact with support agents
6 Set up within 5 minutes Time consuming to set up
7 A few clicks to full set up Difficult to set up
8 Will not prevent emails from arriving without permission Can prevent important emails from arriving
9 A lot more value for less Relatively expensive
10 Seamless flow Users have to “fetch” quarantined emails
11 Users get all the reasons why an email is suspicious Doesn’t give full reasons into why emails suspicious
12 ALL users get their own mini-dashboard Only administrators get more information
13 No minimum amount or user count High minimum costs and user count

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Standalone Protection or A Vital Extra Layer

Retruster can be used as an organization's single, primary anti-phishing tool, or can be used in conjunction with existing solutions to provide a vital extra layer of security.

Where Microsoft ATP and other industry "leaders" fail to stop sophisticated email threats, Retruster becomes the vital last line of defense for businesses.