The Best Anti-Phishing Software in 2019

What To Look For In Anti Phishing Software

Learn About Choosing The Best Anti-Phishing Software in 2019

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The Best Anti Phishing Software in 2019

The Best Anti Phishing Software: Summary

  • Anti phishing software more important than ever before
  • Antivirus is not anti phishing software and does not protect you
  • Over 90% of online attacks start as phishing emails
  • Awareness is important, but not enough
  • Awareness needs to be paired with anti phishing software
  • Your users need to be empowered and equipped with the right tools
  • Why Anti Phishing Software?

    Anti phishing software has become critical for businesses in 2019. Phishing has become a serious threat to companies and consumers alike, and without anti phishing software, we are left completely vulnerable. Choosing the best anti phishing software for your home or business has become even more important than having an antivirus solution in place.

    Why is phishing so dangerous? Phishing and fake emails account for over 90% of all attacks online, from ransomware to malware, and password theft to data breaches. Anti phishing software takes care of this risk area, allowing you peace-of-mind and freeing you up to concentrate on high value achievements.

    Some people think their antivirus software has them covered. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Antivirus platforms are great for viruses, but lag far behind when it comes to anti phishing solutions.

    We’ll look at what your options are when it comes to choosing the best anti phishing software in 2019.

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    Awareness In Combating Phishing

    Being aware of the problem is an excellent first step. The fact that you’re reading this means that you are acutely aware of the challenge that phishing poses to your business, and are deciding which anti phishing software to use in your business.

    The issue of awareness has really come to the fore lately, with Google publishing warnings and their very own phishing quiz. There are a number of companies and websites that help when it comes to awareness, especially for your employees. These include the likes of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and our very own Retruster.

    Awareness, training and simulation are great first steps, but they only tackle a part of the problem – and sometimes leave you and your organization even more vulnerable than before.

    Google's Ant Phishing Quiz

    Awareness As An Anti Phishing Strategy: The Shortcomings

    While awareness is great for simple phishing emails – such as a Gmail address pretending to be a corporate account, or a link in a document looking obviously suspicious – it is not enough to stop more sophisticated fraudulent emails.

    More sophisticated emails (which are becoming common) will look exactly like the real thing. The addresses will look legitimate, there will be company logos and signatures, links will look normal and they’ll even be personally addressed to you. No amount of awareness or training can stop these attacks.

    Even worse, employees will think that, based on training and simulations with more obvious phishing emails, that they are now educated and protected, when in fact they are now even more vulnerable.

    What is required is anti phishing software, that can accurately identify and stop sophisticated emails, even when they cannot be spotted with the naked eye.

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    Behind-The-Scenes Anti Phishing Software Is Not Enough

    “What!?” I hear you screaming at the screen. “You just said training is not enough, and specialist anti phishing software is required!”

    Yes. And no.

    There are cases where emails are so well crafted that they sail through the checks that most anti phishing software platforms provide. There is nothing wrong on the face of them; no bad link, no malicious attachments.

    In these cases, it is your users who are on the frontline of the battle for your organization’s security. Your users have to be empowered to be able to see the reasons why this email is suspicious, including leveraging technology to show patterns and behaviors which your user would not have otherwise been able to pick up.

    What is required is anti phishing software that does both: trains and educates users, while providing a technological platform to both identify bad emails, and assist users in identifying these threats.

    Why Choose Retruster For The Best Anti Phishing Software

    This is Retruster. It’s the only anti phishing software that has the technological capabilities to identify sophisticated fake emails, but also empowers users to be protectors of your organization’s security.

    It’s one elegant solution that takes care of all your anti phishing software needs.

    The Best Anti Phishing Software For Peace Of Mind

    If you don’t yet have a dedicated anti phishing software tool in your company’s arsenal, now’s the time to get it done. Get in touch with Retruster by scheduling a call, and together we’ll look at how we can give you peace-of-mind when it comes to your emails.

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